Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blogging #FAIL

Well, so much for my regular blogging schedule.  I have been completely failing at that!  I really want to get fully involved and be part of "blogland" and be super cool like so of my favorite bloggers and go to fun blog conferences like Haven.  I'm just having a hard time finding balance these days.  I was really hoping that having it be summer would give me more time to blogand get into a groove with it, but so far that has not worked in my favor.  The lack of TV shows (yes, I watch TV and probably too much of it, but I don't care!) worth watching in the summer has given me time to do all kinds of stuff.  Unfortunately, blogging seems to have fallen to the wayside (is that how you spell that?).

What have I do so far this summer you ask?  Well, here's a quick recap!

  • My friend Jenny (aka Canard) got married.  This meant a weekend of fun and shenanigans with Joe and my best friends from college.

  • My friend Pam (aka Pammy) is getting married soon.  This has meant other weekends of fun and shenanigans with my best friends from college and one more coming up.  Can't wait!!

  • Everyone in Joe's family has had a birthday.
  • I've gotten myself back to eating healthy, working out, and counting my points.
  • I've started a lot of projects around the house.  Note that I said started.
I'll have some project updates soon, I swear!

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