Sunday, May 20, 2012

Projects to tackle this summer

A little over a year ago, Joe and I went and picked up paint for a couple of things we wanted to do around the house.  Everything in our powder room was the same color and I mean everything.  The walls, the toilet, the sink, the baseboards, the inside of the door, the medicine cabinet.  EVERYTHING.  I decided I wanted to paint the largest wall in there a nice gray and the rest of the walls, the ceiling, baseboards, and the inside of the door would all be white.  Oddly enough, once this was done, it brought out a lot more of the colors in the stick down floor tiles the previous owners had put down and I like the floor a lot more now.  We also had plans to replace the lighting, the sink, the toilet, and the medicine cabinet to update the space.

I had already started repainting when I took these
Then, as I've mentioned before, our basement flooded (twice) and everything got put on hold.  We lived with a good portion of our home looking like an episode of Hoarders until about 2 weeks before Christmas.  The end result was a redesigned basement and we love it, but it does mean that a lot of things we planned to do last summer & fall have been on hold for a long time.  While the guys were doing the basement, they did replace the toilet in the powder room and in the last few weeks we've picked up a new light, a new fan, and one of those over the toilet cabinets for the powder room so things are moving (slowly) in there.  I still have to pick out the sink and we need to schedule our contractors to come, but we're at a really busy time of year and a lot of our weekend time is booked with family stuff and weddings, but the powder room will be done before the end of the summer.

The guest bathroom upstairs is the same color as the powder room was before I painted.  Don't get me wrong, I understand that they went ahead and neutralized some spaces before putting the house on the market, but they could have picked a nicer beige.  We picked up a soft, warm yellow for the bathroom and it'll go really nicely with the green rugs & white/green shower curtain that we've already added to the bathroom.  Another issue with our guestbath is that the medicine cabinet hangs so far over the sink, it's hard to use so we're going to replace that with a flat mirror and get another over the toilet cabinet for that room.  We're also replacing the light & the fan in here.

The white paint that was used in the powder room was also meant to freshen up the white paint in the stairwell that goes down to the basement.  I'm really glad that I didn't get to painting that before we flooded because with all of the stuff we had to move out of the basement, the demo and rebuilding of the basement, and moving things back down to the basement, those walls got pretty dinged up.  I'm really hoping that all 3 of these painting projects will be complete by the end of the summer.  We're toying with the idea of hiring professionals to tackle our disaster of a backyard and, if we do that, we'll have a lot more time with which to paint (Joe's FAVE thing to do... NOT). 

Another idea that I'm toying with right now is taking the door off the closet in our master bathroom.  When the door into our bathroom is open, you can't even tell that we have a closet in there because it's behind the door.  The door to the actual closet really limits the space available to get things in and out of the closet.  Opening it up and making it more like open shelving would be helpful.  It's going to take some work.  We'll have to paint in there and I'd like to finish off the shelves so they look more substantial, but I'm willing to put in the time and effort for anything that will help make life easier.  I have plenty more ideas floating around in my head, but that's the one I'm th most serious about right now.

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