Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Considering the epic fail that has been this blog so far, you'd think I would just give up.  However, I've really gotten into reading blogs in the last few months and it's given me a renewed sense of wanting to blog.  One of my new favorite bloggers - Kristen over at A Simply Klassic Home - recently did a feature series called the Beginner Bloggers Club and I'm looking forward to using the hints and tips I picked up from there to really kick start things.

First things first, I'm going to try to post at least twice (but hopefully 3 times) a week.  I'm planning to do this by having some regular features.  I've really become a genealogy nerd in the last year or so.  I'm planning to share some of my adventures and feature some of my family members on Fridays.  I'm thinking of calling it Family Friday, but I'm not totally sold on the name yet.  Another idea would be Project Mondays to show off whatever project(s) I've been working on lately.  Finally, I was thinking of just keeping Wednesdays random and posting about whatever floats my boat that day.  I'm concerned about doing that because I haven't done so well with the posting whatever I want thing in the past.  I'll just have to see how that goes. I guess techcnially today would be the first random Wednesday post though so go me!

You may also have noticed that I'm playing around with the background and such.  Bear with me on that, please, it's definitely a work in progress.

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